Image of The Glass Slipper Project (Kimani Romance)


Image of The Glass Slipper Project (Kimani Romance)
A true fairy tale complete with self-centered sisters, a down-to-earth martyr sister, a fairy godmother and a formal gathering, Dara Girard's The Glass Slipper Project (4) is a captivating story. Isabella Duvall is the protector of her sisters and the level-headed member of her family. She'll do whatever it takes to care for them -- even marrying someone who doesn't love her. As a poor child, Alex Carlton coveted what the Duvalls had -- wealth, stability and a beautiful home. Now a rich adult, he purchases the Duvall family home and decides to complete the childhood dream of being a member of the family. Isabella's need to care and protect puts her in a precarious state, and Alex must get past his aloofness and fear of being deserted to admit his feelings and bring the princess back to life.
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Debbie R. Sims