Rani Trader is ordered to accompany Princess Berylina on her pilgrimage to Brianta, the exiled home of the Glasswright's Guild. The Fellowship cabal also orders Rani to Brianta, and orders the Guild to invite Rani, the traitor that caused their exile, to test for her Master's title. During the pretest preparation, Rani accepts the Guild's restrictions on her freedom and becomes a Glasswright novice by day and Berylina's protector by night. Berylina's communion with the one thousand gods causes her to be misunderstood by the people and imprisoned. She then passes on to Rani her god-sensing talent, and Rani is forever changed. THE GLASSWRIGHT'S TEST (3) is Mindy L. Klasky's third installment in her Glasswright Saga. While furthering the story arc and filling in details of the heroine's world, this novel was good but didn't have that extra spark to make it great. I wanted more character development, not just a setting up for the next book. (Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper