Niall Glenlyon returns to Scotland from the Far East as a man whose exploits make exceptional reading in the scandal sheets. Rumored to have once lived in a brothel and reputed to dabble in magic, Niall is no hero.

Then he meets Elizabeth Victoria Kildrummond sneaking into her own home. Though she is engaged to another, this wild child, with her un-ladylike ways, intrigues Niall.

After witnessing a horrid crime, Elizabeth flees to her grandfather's land in Scotland. Niall reluctantly agrees to bring the runaway heiress home. From a London brothel, to a gypsy camp and then into the Highlands, Elizabeth leads Niall on a merry chase. As the sexual tension sizzles so does the danger, for Elizabeth discovers dark secrets that threaten her life.

With the skills of a master craftsman, Jillian Hunter weaves an intoxicating, riveting romance that is sensual, exciting, touching and funny. The underlying emotional intensity coupled with superb storytelling is sure to grab the reader's interest. SENSUAL (Oct., 440 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin