A GLIMPSE OF FOREVER is a poignant and warm-hearted tale of soul mates reaching across time to fulfill their destined love. Ms. Johnson's writing style delivers likable and compelling characters which make for very pleasurable reading.

Although businessman Mike Danziger is very successful, the guilt over his wife's accidental death is destroying him. Leaving his company, Arlen's Kitchens, in the hands of his subordinates, Mike heads for his remote cabin in the Mojave desert.

In 1858, Abby Wynne and her family are braving the hostile desert in an attempt to reach California. Their small wagon train-led by Arlen Danziger-is in serious trouble as a severe drought is making survival difficult.

A healer, Abby's unique ability to foresee events caused many to brand her a witch. Standing alone in the desert during her search for water, Abby slowly sinks into unconsciousness and when she awakens, she finds herself in the arms of strange man.

Mike is flabbergasted to stumble across a severely dehydrated woman in old-fashioned clothes. Abby doesn't know how or why she has landed in the future, but she is terrified that without her help, her father and sister Lucy will perish. Upon discovering that Mike is a descendant of Arlen Danziger, Abby knows that the only way to prove to him that she is telling the truth about her life is to uncover what happened to her sister Lucy. Did she marry Arlen as planned?

When Mike is nearly killed in an "accident," Abby's gift warns her that he is being stalked.

But by whom? The love between Mike and Abby grows stronger every day; but is she destined to stay in the future, or is her presence still required in the past?

(Dec., 336 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith