The vision and voice of a woman he'd never met were all that kept Burke Grisham, the rakehell Earl of Thornwald, alive after the battle of Waterloo. The dissolute nobleman, caught in the war by accident, had promised Catherine Snow's husband he would watch over her-no matter what.

With her young husband dead, Catherine relies upon his family's "charity." She wants nothing to do with the Earl, blaming him for her husband's reckless life. Yet when Burke arrives at her home, she is stunned by her powerful reaction to him.

Though Burke knows Catherine scorns him, he has vowed to win her heart. He can see into her past and envision the deep pain and loss she has suffered; he can also sense the danger that surrounds Catherine and the Snow family. By gaining Catherine's trust and love he can protect her, and together they can uncover the secrets of the past and set themselves free.

Barbara Damson Smith's talents soar to new heights with this intense, romantic and engrossing tale that makes for superb reading. Spinning together the golden threads of a Gothic with a Regency romance Ms. Smith triumphs. SENSUAL (Dec., 346 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin