Confederate officer Julian McKenzie desperately needs help in caring for the wounded when he comes upon Rhiannon Tremaines home. A Union sympathizer, and known as a white witch because of her remarkable healing skills, Rhiannon cannot turn away a wounded man.

When Julian discovers Rhiannons talents, her addiction to opium and her ability to see into the future, he decides to abduct her. But after one night of strange and passion-filled dreams, Julian and Rhiannon are tied together by more than a kidnapping.

Though enemies by sentiment, there is no way these two headstrong and passionate people can deny what has happened between them. Whether together, pulled apart by war, in Confederates camps or Yankee strongholds, from capture and imprisonment to freedom, they will fight for their beliefs and their love.

GLORY is charged with the pain, heroism, tragedy and survival of wara microcosm of the country within one family. Like all the books in the series, Ms. Graham focuses on one couple, but has added characters from the series in a breathtaking story that encompasses every emotion, every human trial and triumph during a time of turbulence and change. Hurrah for Ms. Graham for bringing many little known and fascinating historical events to life. SENSUAL (Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin