The Civil War has ended, and those involved attempt to pick up their lives. Fredericksburg is in ruins and occupied by Union forces. Sisters Amanda and Alice struggle to get their lives back to normal. But this isn't easy with Amanda married to Union Colonel Sam Prescott, and Alice married to William Jackson, an ex-Confederate brigadier and Amanda's former love.
And their haunted by more than just their personal problems. There's also a great deal of unrest in the area. With the attraction that Will and Amanda still have for each other ever present, much trouble and sorrow are ahead for those who have survived the war that set brother against brother -- and sister against sister.

This final installment in Murphy's Civil War trilogy is an emotional story of loss and redemption. Much of it is heart-wrenching, especially since this story could just as well be fact, even though it's fiction. The ending is pleasing because it leaves the reader with the knowledge that life goes on and happiness after great grief can be found. SENSUAL (Sep., 269 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley