When the heiress to the Hampton fortune is found floating in her swimming pool, both the police and the media begin to investigate. This pits Claire Connelly, television reporter, against her one-time lover, police detective Jake Seringo. The duo's brief affair ended when Jake felt betrayed by Claire's desire to do her job.

In a series of flashbacks, their pasts are examined-from the brutal death of Jake's wife and unborn child, to their first meeting, when Claire is writing a piece on the violence that took their lives.

Now, this murder sets the two in search of answers. They begin uncovering long-held family secrets that could topple the Hampton dynasty. As they work together, Jake and Claire realize that despite their differences, feelings still exist. Their search for the truth can either bond them or destroy them once and for all.

Ms. Brandewyne tells a captivating story, masterfully blending past and present. Despite some consistency problems, GLORY SEEKERS is a very exciting read. (June, 480 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson