Image of Gluten for Punishment (A Baker's Treat Mystery)


Image of Gluten for Punishment (A Baker's Treat Mystery)

Lively characters enhance Parra’s story, and the explosive ending, involving a brutal attack, packs a real punch for this cozy. This series promises to be a real treat for readers. Gluten-free recipes included!

The opening day at Baker’s Treat brings out many of the local folks, including a wheat farmer protesting Toni’s new bakery, claiming she is anti-wheat. The next morning, the farmer is found outside of Toni’s store, bludgeoned and drowned in a trough. It looks as if he was killed while vandalizing Toni’s bakery All the drama has customers flocking to Toni’s bakery, but being a murder suspect doesn’t sit well with Toni. She is determined to find the real killer, but when her prime suspect turns up dead, its back to square one. (PRIME CRIME, May, 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin