Image of God Ain't Blind


Image of God Ain't Blind

Monroe kicks the drama into
higher gear with this sizzler. What's most impressive is how she conveys Annette's inner conflict within each paragraph. No matter how wild the story gets, Monroe grounds us in the realism of an unfulfilled married woman who's too shy to communicate with
her husband. Kudos!

Annette Goode Davis was a good wife until she began sharing the pitfalls of her marriage with her best friend, Rhoda. Rhoda doesn't share Annette's respect for her own marriage, let alone Annette's. When a young caterer propositions Annette, she listens to Rhoda instead of to her heart and good mind. She'll soon wish she hadn't.

Rhoda O'Toole has finally gotten her friend Annette to loosen up and stop placing all her happiness on her husband. But when her daughter Jade returns home abruptly, she may see her selfishness has ramifications she never expected. (DAFINA, Sep. 304 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Dee Y. Stewart