Image of The Goddess Of Fried Okra


Image of The Goddess Of Fried Okra

This is an inspiring and touching
story of a grieving woman's journey to finding herself and the true meaning of family. Brashear writes with humor and compassion. There are subtle lessons to be learned while you enjoy a well-written and interesting story.

Eudora "Pea" O'Brien has set out on a journey to find her sister. Sister is dead, but she believed in reincarnation, so Pea consults Sister's favorite psychic, Madame Eva, hoping she'll be able to help her find Sister's new body. Madame Eva tells Pea that New Mexico might be in her future.

It's a long drive from Texas to New Mexico, but Pea is confident she will locate Sister's new body. Along the way, Pea picks up an assortment of characters, including a kitten and a pregnant teenager. During the trip, Pea discovers many things about herself, grief and family. (BELL BRIDGE, Apr., 350 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson