Image of Goddess of the Hunt


Image of Goddess of the Hunt

With a daring debut,
the first in a back-to-back trilogy, Dare is on the
path to stardom. From the hilarious opening to the poignant climax, Dare uses wit and wisdom, humor and sensuality to relate a tale of tangled love that reveals her ability to touch hearts with her appealing characters, from
a dotty aunt to a prideful urchin and everyone in between.

Like Diana, goddess of the hunt, Lucy Waltham has no qualms about fighting for what she wants -- and she wants Sir Toby, even if he's going to become engaged to someone else. She decides to practice her seductive powers on her brother's best friend Jeremy Trescott, the staid Earl of Kendall. Three kisses later she's breathless.

Jeremy's determined to stop Lucy from making a fool of herself, but that leads to several compromising situations, a misunderstood letter and a marriage proposal. Jeremy keeps a tight rein on his emotions, but Lucy causes him to lose control. He desires her even though she turns his life upside down, and she's determined to prove that she'll love him forever. (BALLANTINE, Aug., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin