Goddess of Light continues the talented Cast's engaging and highly original series. Combining mythology with the modern world leads to all sorts of fascinating romantic possibilities and problems.

Artemis is worried about her brother Apollo. He hasn't been himself ever since a mortal woman rejected him for Hades. When their father Zeus opens a portal to the modern world via Las Vegas, Artemis decides to cheer up Apollo by showing him some fun. But all is not sweet harmony on Olympus. Bacchus considers Las Vegas his personal playground and does not wish to share.

Interior designer Pamela Gray has come to Vegas to decorate the vacation home of popular author E.D. Faust. Through Bacchus' machinations, Artemis finds herself tied to Pamela and forced to grant her heart's desire. Trying to help his sister, Apollo approaches Pamela and is fascinated by her. Pamela has never met a man like Apollo, which both encourages and terrifies her. Falling in love with a god hasn't worked out well for mortals in the past. Is there any hope for these two lovers?

(Apr., 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith