Book three of Julian’s Forgotten Goddesses series has amazing chemistry among the three main characters, a satisfying villain and wonderful sexual tension. Let the fireworks begin!

Amity Monroe, former goddess of health, lives quietly as a medical aesthetician, and doesn’t get out much. A night out with the girls gets her more then she bargained for: two men who make her shiver with just a look. Werewolf cousins Romulus and Remus have been on their own since the death of their families years ago. They believe that they are the reason for the massacre, due to the fact that they are witches as well as werewolves. The demon that killed their families is on the move. To exact justice, they insert themselves into the next target’s life. That target is Amity. As the three try to figure out how to rid themselves of the god of the underworld, they cannot deny the attachment, and attraction, that is growing between them. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jul., 320 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson