Image of The Gods of Amyrantha (Tide Lords)


Image of The Gods of Amyrantha (Tide Lords)

This second book in Fallon's series
is just as pleasing as the first. The
characters and dialogue are intelligent and imaginative, and the reader
is drawn deep into the world of Amyrantha. Its gods, humans and slaves are created with a fine hand
and complement the intriguing storyline. Fallon's fantasy will keep you turning pages to the end, and leave you wanting more when you reach
the final page.

The Tide is turning, and the immortal Tide Lords are reaching again to grasp the power they once held. The only things standing in their way are a very few rebellious Crasii -- animal slaves created by the Tide Lords millennia ago -- and the Cabal of the Tarot, a secret society of mortal humans who have devoted their lives through the centuries to finding a way to destroy the immortals.

Is there any way to kill an immortal? That's a possibility that's been raised, and now it's a race between mortal and immortal to see who can discover the secret first. The fate of the world hangs on this balance. (Tor, Jul., 493 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania