Image of Goin' Down To Georgia


Image of Goin' Down To Georgia
Ann DeFee's sexy widowed grandma Liza is just having a bad day. She's had two car accidents, is stuck running errands for her daughter and now must pick up a land developer. Hunky police officer turned land developer Zack Maynard is helping out his brother and doesn't know who Liza is -- but he likes the look of her. Suddenly Goin' Down to Georgia (2) doesn't seem so bad! Soon the couple is falling in love between death threats, suspicious break-ins and religious extremists outside of town who are rumored to have a pit full of snakes. DeFee brings country high jinks to a whole new level, but the unsatisfying conclusion to the mystery of Liza's missing husband, and the fact that many characters seem like caricatures, takes away from the story.
Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan