Add this steamy, fast-paced romantic thriller with lots of laugh-out-loud humor to your must-read pile!

Carly Sullivan is in a desperate bind. The whole commercial shoot is about to go up in flames, and her career as a photographer might go up with it. Carly and her sister, Daphne Brandon, are on a cruise ship in the Caribbean shooting pictures of a hired male model for a new promotion. However, once on board, Carly discovers that the hired model is completely unsuitable, and unless she and Daphne can find a prospective new talent onboard the ship, they are in big trouble. To her delight, Carly spies a devastatingly masculine man who would be absolutely perfectonly he rudely turns her down.

Navy SEAL Ford McKay is assigned to handle a delicate new assignment. It is not until he is on board that he realizes his assignment is to guard the feisty woman who already tried to proposition him. Carly Sullivan is the adopted daughter of Nigel Brandon, the Governor General of Santa Marina. Nigel has been receiving threats and the State Department wants to ensure the safety of both Carly and Daphne. So Ford is ordered to do whatever is necessary to protect Carlyeven pose in her photo shoot.

(Apr., 343 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith