Emily Carmichael's delightful sequel to Outlaw introduces Gabe O'Donnell's daughter, Katy, as she sets out to find her destiny.

Raised in rugged Montana, Katy may shoot, track and ride better than most men in the West, but she never expects anyone to mistake her for a boy.

Ace reporter Jonah Armstrong is on his way to the adventure of his life when he encounters the ideal guide in a rowdy saloon. Jonah has no idea that the boy he's hired is a young woman who realizes that he needs protection before he lands in big trouble on the trail to the Klondike.

Jonah and Katy, along with her faithful pet wolf, Hunter, begin their trek to the goldfields and Jonah soon learns of his error. He's angry enough to fire Katy, but he doesn't want to lose the guide who is both a hellion and the woman of his dreams.

As stubborn as the day is long, Katy and Jonah must work out their differences as they stake a claim to find a treasure in gold and an adventure to write home about. What they find is an unconditional love as vast as the Klondike and twice as valuable.

GOLD DUST is the kind of romance that makes you smile while you sigh at the poignancy and passion that Ms. Carmichael so wonderfully weaves into her story. Put your feet up and let yourself be captivated by Katy, Jonah and yes, even Gabe. SENSUAL (June, 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin