Image of Gold Fire


Image of Gold Fire

Ambrose is back with her latest novel — a perfect blend of sexiness, fun and suspense that features, at its center, the quintessential cowboy who meets his match in a fiery leading lady. Strong pacing, snappy dialogue and great chemistry will leave readers wanting more after they finish this amazingly entertaining read.

Zoe Larkin, assistant buyer for Alpine Ski Resort, is charged with the task of getting Jase Garrett, once-famous skier, to sell his honky-tonk bar. Zoe, known for her wild child reputation, wants to create a new image. Sealing the deal with Jase and getting a promotion is her ticket. Jase, however, is determined to keep the Rusty Wire as much as Zoe is determined to have him sell it. A battle of wills ensues as Zoe and Jase fall hard for each other. When the Rusty Wire comes under attack, the deal between them turns personal. (POCKET, Dec., 369 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates