Though very intelligent, Erin Winslow struggled all through school; she still carries scars from those unhappy years. Determined to make something of herself, she seeks comfort in the things she does well, like hunting, fixing cars and planes. But Erins idyllic life in Africa with her missionary parents is interrupted, and shes sent to live with her grandparents in New York.

Quaid Merritt, a war hero, stumbles into Erins life in a rather unique way, and eventually a bond and partnership forms. But the glitter and gold of Hollywood is calling her and could tear the two apart before they are even aware of their feelings for one another. Will Erin listen to Quaid and leave or will a tragedy end everything?

THE GOLDEN ANGEL, book 26 in the House of Winslow series, is set in the early 1920s in Africa, New York and California. Die-hard fans will be thrilled with another book in the series by one of this years Christy winners. (Sep., 320 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston