Scotsman Diarmid Burwash wants a place to call his own. California seems to be a good place. Single-minded and possessing second sight, he agrees to deliver a message to a ranch owner south of Los Angeles.

Don Francisco Gabaldon has a big spread and no heirs. His spinster daughter is homely and thought to be cursed because her fianci died before the wedding. Diarmid agrees to marry Concepgion. If he begets an heir, he inherits the ranch.

However, Diarmid cannot keep his hands off other women. When his philandering leads to a deadly accident, he must bury a body and hide secrets that could ruin his life.

GOLDEN CHANCES is a soap opera of a novel. Although the story is long, none of the characters found a place in this readers heart. The family saga continues into the lives of Diarmids heirs: their secrets, revenges, and intrigues. And just when you think you might like a character or two, they are killed off or abandoned to some other fate. SENSUAL (Aug., 630 pp.,, $3.99 dk, $3.50 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer