Caroline Aldritch is a woman with a secret: for four years, she had been the proprietress of a posh gambling hall called The Golden Feather. Now, she is simply a lovely widow living with her younger sister in the house next door to the Earl of Lyndon's, in Wycombe-on-Sea.

Justin Seward, Earl of Lyndon, returns to England after many years away and is determined to help his mother curb the excesses of his younger brother. Keeping him away from the likes of the Golden Feather is the perfect answer, even though Justin finds the lovely and mysterious proprietress, Mrs. Archer, more than interesting.

Why is it that he should feel the same frisson of attraction and regard for the oh-so-proper Mrs. Aldritch? Keeping tabs on the volatile pair of younger siblings—her sister and his brother—throws the two together often enough for a romance to blossom, but Caroline alone knows the perils of her position.

This amusing tale of a daring deception could have been written with a "Golden Pen," since Miss McCabe's talent for lively characters and witty dialogue is always a winning combination for reading pleasure! (Nov., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck