Upon the demise of his father, Colonel Anthony Selbourne inherits the title of Duke of Cheviot and all that it entails, including a tremendous debt, which makes it imperative that Anthony marry an heiress. Though Anthony is descended from impeccable lineage, his aunt finds a prospective bride in Sarah Patterson, granddaughter of an extremely wealthy merchant.

Sarah is well-educated and intelligent and, much to his surprise, a very talented artist. When she finds out about this arranged marriage, she refuses his suit.

He manages to bring her around, for he can offer her the thing she desires most: funding for her passion, painting. They settle comfortably in marriage, but all too soon unexplained accidents befall Sarah and someone threatens their newfound love.

Reveling in Ms. Wolfs talent as a superb storyteller, readers will find GOLDEN GIRL a poignantly crafted tale of love and jealousy. SENSUAL (Oct., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond