When his grandmother insists on taking the old bronze dragon she found in her attic to the traveling antiques road show, security expert Riley McAllister never expects to learn the item could be of value. Determined to keep his grandmother from being ripped off, Riley insists on accompanying her to the offices of The House of Hathaway.

Despite being the heir apparent to the Hathaway family business, Paige Hathaway is struggling to find her place. Her strong-willed mother and grandfather run the organization, but it's Paige's father, David, who is the expert in Chinese art. Riley and his grandmother agree to leave the statue with the Hathaways for testing. However, when Riley returns to pick up the dragon, it turns out that both it and David have disappeared.

When David is found severely beaten in an alley in Chinatown and the dragon is nowhere to be found, Paige and Riley suspect that there is more to the dragon than meets the eye. David apparently took the dragon to a woman named Jasmine Chen. Why, and what is Jasmine's connection to David? The answers will open up a 50-year-old mystery and shake Paige's world to its foundation.

The lives of three families collide and intersect in this wonderfully intriguing new drama by bestselling author Freethy. Love, loyalties and choices all play integral roles in this excellent book. (Feb., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith