Honesty, so necessary in true love, is the one thing Jenny Dell and Brant Claremont, sixth Duke of Strachen, Marquess of Elwes, have both grown up avoiding. Jenny's family of Irish actors are on the run when she's knocked unconscious and found by Brant on his estate. She can't reveal her true identity, or her most recent alias, and takes refuge in faking amnesia.

Brant's secret shame is that despite his intense effort, he can't learn to read. He's succeeded in restoring the estate his father left in huge debt but avoids real closeness to society. To him, Jenny is obviously a lady of quality. He desperately wants her but believes he's unworthy of her.

Sexual tension runs high. There are attempts on Jenny's life, secrets to be kept, mysteries to be solved and a traditional ending in which sharing truth wins true love. SENSUAL (Oct., 297 pp., $5.25)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger