With WWI still raging and sea travel becoming increasingly dangerous due to German U-boat activity, the Emerson family decides to spend the year in Egypt working on their archeological digs.

After nearly losing her son Ramses to a spy mission gone bad, Amelia is quite determined to keep him close by and out of trouble. Amelia is assisted in this by Ramses' new wife, Nefret. When a young villain named Jamil starts causing troubleand stolen artifacts suddenly begin appearing on the black-marketit seems that Jamil might have made a striking discovery.

Certain British government officials complicate the Emersons' hunt for Jamil and the hidden tomb. These officials are determined to force Ramses to undertake an extremely dangerous mission. Amelia, Emerson and Nefret hatch a scheme to aid Ramses' mission and provide potential backup. The British government doesn't stand a chance matching wits with the Emerson clan!

Grab your steel-tipped parasols and get ready for action! The Amelia Peabody adventure series is the crown jewel in author Elizabeth Peters' extraordinary oeuvre. THE GOLDEN ONE delivers all the wit, humor, irony and action Ms. Peters' books are known for. (Apr., 448 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith