Prince Stefan Bariatinskys family motto is I Am Gods Spoiled Child. He is a sensuous, handsome, daring unprincipled libertine. Women fall at his feet until he rescues Princess Lisaveta Kuzan-Lazaroff from a band of Turkish soldiers.

A scholar of erotic Persian poetry, Lisaveta is privileged, educated and just as stubborn as Stefan. Attracted by her courage and pride, Stefan offers her the irresistible chance to indulge in her fantasies. Stefan gives her love, laughter and enchantment and she gives him her heart. High in the Caucasus, they spend an idyll in paradise before Stefan returns to war.

Lisaveta goes to her cousin Nikki (from Seized by Love) in St. Petersburg. When Stefan learns that she has captivated the Tsars court, his jealousy explodes. Riding like the wind, he reaches the capital, planning to punish Lisaveta with his kisses. Instead, he finds himself wed to her. They have a magical night of pleasure before Stefan leaves for the Battle of Karsa battle from which he might not return.

GOLDEN PARADISE is exactly what readers want: another not-to-be-missed romance from one of the most sensual writers of the genre. Rarely has there been a pair of lovers so well-matched in passion and desire as Stefan and Lisaveta. Though not as sexually explicit as some of her others, GOLDEN PARADISE sizzles with underlying sensuality and scintillating words of passion, sure to make the blood pulse in your veins. Spicy (Reissue, Jan., 400 pp. $3.25)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin