Image of The Golden Prince


Image of The Golden Prince

Edward Windsor caused a scandal when he abdicated the throne to marry a divorcée, but Dean presents a fascinating peek into the early life of the Prince of Wales that hints at what made him choose love over power. With her insight into the era, Dean brilliantly depicts the man and England so well that readers will believe they are part of the whirlwind that was 1911 England. Through her elegant prose and vibrant descriptions, that world comes to life.

A young Edward, hungry for the love of a harsh father and cold mother, seeks the company of the lively Houghton sisters. They are what he wants to be, carefree and exciting. Edward and Lily Houghton make a fine couple. She is just the kind of loving girl he needs as a man, but as a king-to-be, he has little choice in a bride. Unable to defy his domineering father and with war on the horizon, Edward is unable to prevent himself from setting in motion events that could change the history of the world. (BROADWAY, Jan., 416 pp., $16.99 )
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin