When Catherine Stanley, Lady of Rosmar, is widowed, she believes she may, at last, find happiness. Her dreams are shattered when she learns King Henry has already given her home and her daughter's wardship to Andrew Mandeville, the previous Earl of Rosmar.

To further her plight, she is to become Andrew's wife or lose her daughter. His home was stolen from him and bestowed on Stanley when King Richard was defeated by Henry Tudor. Now that he has Rosmar and the earldom within reach, Stanley is determined to do whatever he must to ensure that it remains his.

Andrew has continued to dream of regaining his family's possessions. Seething with hatred for Stanley, Andrew is prepared to hate his widow and child. His heart has been made bitter by life's cruel blows and the dark secret he keeps hidden deep within. Andrew hides a gentle loving soul aching for love and a family to call his own.

Catherine's pure and loving soul cries out to him and he is smitten by both her and her adorable child. As they find a love that is all too rare and precarious, court intrigue and a deadly secret from the past threaten to tear asunder all they hold dear.

THE GOLDEN ROSE is a beautiful and tender tale that captures the essence of love's magic, reminding us all the amazing powers to heal the heart and soul offering hope and light when all seems dark and lost. Ms. Cody's tale will bring a tear and a smile, warming your heart as love prevail once again. SENSUAL (June, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth Cox