Image of The Golden Shrine


Image of The Golden Shrine

In the third book of his Opening the World series, Turtledove continues a saga set in the Bronze Age. While many characters continue their journey, new relationships are forged, magic is used and political lines are drawn. Readers new to the series will have a hard time keeping the characters straight, and the story drags in the early chapters.

Hamnet Thyssen and his companions are returning to a land that has been ravaged by the Rulers, invaders with powerful magic and superior numbers that have come through a gap in the melting glaciers. Hamnet fights for his people, knowing he has a destiny that scares the Rulers. Searching for the rumored Golden Shrine, the group works with foes to fight a common enemy. Ruing the loss of his former loves, Hamnet takes up with Marcovefa, who's instrumental in uncovering the shrine. Reporting to the emperor after visiting the holy site, Hamnet leaves the kingdom in turmoil as he returns to his own lands. (TOR, Oct., 336 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice