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by Lisa Gardner

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Suspense

2006 Suspense Nominee

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Despite a loving marriage to ex-FBI agent Pierce Quincy, P.I. Rainie Connor is spinning out of control, in part from alcohol and past trauma. One night someone approaches her car, a white light flashes and she loses consciousness. Rainie's car is found abandoned, and Pierce's FBI-agent daughter, Kimberly, and her cop boyfriend, Mac, immediately fly in to help search for the missing woman.

Pierce gets a ransom note, but its demands make little sense. Complicating the matter is the abduction of 7-year-old Dougie Jones, who seemed to be the first person to know that Rainie was missing. As the deadline approaches, Pierce, Kimberly, Mac and local officials try desperately to piece together the clues. Pierce is rapidly discovering how far he's willing to go to save someone he loves.

Gardner's explosive new novel hits on the age-old terror of losing the one you love. The story is told from two perspectives, that of the abductee and those trying to rescue her. A twist will keep you guessing and holding your breath until the very last page. (Feb., 368 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith

Publisher: Bantam

Published: February 2006

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Submitted by Robin in PA on May 23, 2010 - 6:07pm.

Late at night, Ex-FBI Profiler Pierce Quincy gets a call from the local police. His estranged wife's car has been found abandoned on an Oregon highway. The engine was running and her purse was still on the seat. Rainie has vanished without a trace. Soon a ransom note arrives at the newspaper office. Pay $10,000 or Rainie will be gone for good. Quincy, along with the local police department, desperately hunt for Rainie before she runs out of time.

This is a fast moving story which takes place over just two days. There's lots of interesting characters, great suspense and a well-plotted mystery. This series just gets better and better. My rating: 5 Stars.