In James’ latest successful Rough Riders entry, both Gavin and Rielle are emotionally and physically starved until the strength of their relationship takes them to a love they’ve never known. Their overindulged daughters give them grief until they develop as individuals, the regular McKay bunch is there for support and two subplots hint at subsequent books.

Given up at birth, Gavin Daniels discovers he’s actually a McKay. After he is awarded custody of his wayward daughter, Sierra, for one year, he makes the executive decision to move to Wyoming where the rest of the McKays reside. At 40, Rielle Wetzler is having problems with self-image. When her friends suggest a makeover, she’s reluctant but thrilled with the results — especially after Gavin arrives and is impressed. Between abiding by house rules and attempting to appease their daughters, the couple begins a passionate affair. (SAMHAIN, Nov., 336 pp., $17.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown