Image of Gone with a Handsomer Man


Image of Gone with a Handsomer Man

Mainstream fiction author West wades into mystery waters with this warm, funny page-turner. Teeny is a delightful heroine and Charleston, S.C.’s historic district is the ideal setting for the novel’s cast of colorful secondary characters: a possibly deranged cat lady with OCD, a sepulchral private detective, an elderly interior decorator obsessed with the color pink and several dogs who are characters in their own rights.

After Teeny Templeton discovers her fiancé, Bing Jackson, playing naked badminton with two women in the backyard of the house they share, she attacks them all with unripe peaches, earning a night in jail for her trouble. When Bing is killed a few days later, the evidence points to her. Teeny has to find somewhere to live, bake enough cakes to earn a living, figure out her feelings for an old boyfriend who’s also her lawyer and discover who killed Bing — before she goes back to jail or is killed herself. (MINOTAUR, Apr., 352 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Klose