Image of Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher, No. 13)


Image of Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher, No. 13)

There's nothing like a Jack Reacher story. Tough, savvy and formidable, his lazy appearance is deceiving, his honorable streak runs bone deep and his ingenuity is formidable -- and that doesn't even take into consideration his very human caffeine addiction. Child hasn't developed a character -- he's created an icon. To match it, he's paired Reacher with the only icon able to match him: New York. Child's knowledge of the city, his understanding of its denizens and Reacher's indomitable nature make for a first-rate adventure, an adrenaline-laced thrill ride that will have readers demanding more pages to turn.

A potential suicide bomber or a potential suicide? As Jack Reacher watches an inappropriately dressed woman mutter to herself on the subway, he knows the answer could go either way. When the woman kills herself after his approach, Reacher finds himself tied in a knot of a plot with the FBI, Al Qaeda, the woman's family and the shady past of a newly announced political candidate. As he races through the city, pursued on all sides, only Reacher knows he does his best work when he's being hunted. (DELACORTE, May, 432 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper