Image of The Good Cop: A Mystery (Carter Ross Mysteries)


Image of The Good Cop: A Mystery (Carter Ross Mysteries)

Parks’ breezy style takes on a serious tone as the bodies pile up in this series fourth. Chapters about a mysterious organization come to light near the end and lend an ominous air to the story. They coalesce into a startling whole that will please even the most discerning reader.

Newark newspaper reporter Carter Ross is called to look into a hot story about the murder of one of the Fourth Precinct’s finest. He’s told to revise his story when the death is ruled a suicide. When the victim’s wife swears the man had too much to live for, including a newborn and another child he adored, Carter investigates further. Then, the officer’s partner commits suicide and his radar goes into overdrive. Evidence points to two murders, but Ross is the only one who believes it. He is told to pull back by his editor — and the attempts on his life begin. (MINOTAUR, Mar., 352 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown