Image of The Good Father


Image of The Good Father

Bestselling novelist Chamberlain returns with yet another heart- wrenching story about lost loves and the risks people take to save those they deeply care about. The chapters are told from the points of view of Travis, Erin and Robin, revealing new secrets about the history of each character leading up to the climax, during which Travis loses control of a dangerous business deal. Although the novel is fast-paced and engaging, the melodrama toward the end is a bit over the top and rather conven- tional, but provides a happy end- ing that will leave readers smiling.

Travis Brown is 23 and has been raising his 4-year-old daughter, Bella, by himself since she was born. Struggling financially and living with Bella in his van, Travis is beyond desperate when he accepts a dangerous job opportunity. Unwilling to take Bella with him on this risky and dangerous business trip, he leaves his daughter in the care of Erin, a woman in her 30s who has recently lost her own toddler-aged daughter to a tragic accident. Meanwhile, in a small seaside resort town just hours away, Bella’s mother, Robin, struggles with her new life as the fiancée of a political candidate. As the novel leads up to Travis’ impending criminal act, the lives of these three characters intersect — all on behalf of bettering the life of one little girl, and perhaps improving their own lives in the process. (MIRA, May, 368 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun