Image of Good Girl or Gold-Digger?


Image of Good Girl or Gold-Digger?
GOOD GIRL OR GOLD-DIGGER? (3) by Kate Hardy: Mechanic Daisy Bell will never be the "girly" woman her ex tried to change her into, and she's decided to stay single and dedicate her life to her family heritage -- a fairground museum. When vandals strike, Daisy will do anything, including dressing up like a girl, to persuade Felix Gisbourne, a potential investor, to help solve her financial woes. Felix narrowly escaped marriage to a shallow woman and he isn't looking for a serious relationship, but there is something about Daisy that tempts him. But does she desire him for himself or his money? A slow start and a convenient coincidence-filled plot is made up for by a unique setting, quirky characters and a sweet romance.
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Sabrina Madan