Dahl’s latest is a charming romance with a somewhat insecure heroine whose dislike of change will resonate with many readers. The brothers are amusing and Luke has all the stuff heroes are made of. This is one hot romance.

A robbery at the Donovan Brothers’ Brewery brings together Tessa Donavan and Detective Luke Asher. A college friend of Tessa’s brother Jamie, Luke’s past and the rumors now circulating about him make him a man Tessa’s overprotective brothers — both the eldest, Eric, as well as Jamie — do not want her involved with. But Tessa has a mind of her own and she knows that appearances, as well as rumors, can be deceiving. Yet it’s not her relationship with Luke that has Tessa scared, it’s the realization that things at the brewery are heading for change. Tessa hates change and the fact that the secret she is keeping from Eric may just help bring those changes about is worrying. (HQN, Sep., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley