Image of As Good as His Word


Image of As Good as His Word

AS GOOD AS HIS WORD (4) by Susan Gable: Determined to help his nephew, Nick, stay out of trouble, teacher Hayden Hawkins agrees to spend more time with him — even if that means seeing his deceased brother’s ex-girlfriend, Ronni Mangano. Hayden believes Ronni ran from his brother Ian’s bedside when he was dying of cancer. Hayden soon learns, however, that he and his family never had the full story, and they welcome Ronni back into the family fold in order to help her with Nick. But spending time with Ronni only makes Hayden remember his attraction to her and his desire to date her before his brother beat him to the punch. This is a charming tale about how love has the power to heal all wounds. Hayden’s and Ronni’s capacity for forgiveness is clearly depicted when they are able to move on together in a relationship.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay