Image of As Good As It Got


Image of As Good As It Got

All of Sharpe's strong female characters become empowered to make changes
in their lives after dealing with a loss. Readers should be able to connect
with at least one of the characters,
since they all have very different
ways of dealing with a loss and
being single. Also included is an
interview with the author to get
her insights on the story.

Cindy is madly in love with her husband, Kevin. Imagine her devastation and disbelief when he tells her he plans to leave her and their 21-year marriage for Patty, his latest fling. Ann believed her life was perfect, until the day she lost her job. After her husband, Paul, dies, she learns that her finances are in ruin, and she takes her frustration out on everyone around her. Martha has been in love with Eldon for 20 years, the last few years as his mistress. Since suffering a stroke a month ago, he has been in a vegetative state.

Who knew that all three women would all end up at Camp Kinsonu, a place designed to empower the "suddenly single" woman? Can the counselors help Cindy, Ann and Martha accept and deal with the lives that fate has handed them? (AVON A, Jul., 320 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee