Image of The Good Liar: A Novel


Image of The Good Liar: A Novel

Searle weaves an interesting tale of deception. The juxtaposition of Roy’s history with his modern-day life gives readers glimpses into the true pit he comes from; however, the greatest lie of all is about to be revealed.

Roy is a life-long con artist, perfect at creating and executing deceptions of intricate detail. Betty is a lonely widow looking for companionship, making her an easy mark. Roy is sure he can rob her of all she has, and he patiently sets up his plan to empty her bank account. Betty’s grandson Stephen is suspicious of Roy, but there is not much he can do to convince his grandmother that something is amiss. As Roy’s true character is revealed, his past catches up to him and everyone gets more than they bargained for. (HARPER, Feb., 352 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Frobisher