Image of A Good Man


Image of A Good Man

It’s hard to be more surprised by a story’s direction. What starts out as a retelling of finding romance through a reality show turns out to be a sweet, funny tale of people who refuse to sink to the lowest level. The fact that they find their heart’s desire is the bonus. Readers will be cheering for all of Murray’s characters to find their joy.

Hunks vs. Punks is a reality dating show that seeks to introduce a “Nubian princess” to her perfect mate. Sonya Richardson is tapped to be the princess when the original choice drops out. The problem is, she is so not a princess. She’s a former WNBA star and Olympic gold medal winner, and she lives in the “real” world. The format features 12 virile, handsome African-American men and one token “white guy” — a simple man named John James Bond. John really is looking for a wife, after being widowed for 15 years. The fact that he and Sonya are both Christians starts them on a path to love that will triumph. The fun is in their journey. (KENSINGTON, Mar., 456 pp., $15.00)
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Jacqui McGugins