Image of Good Sam


Image of Good Sam

Who is Good Sam? That is the question that will keep readers guessing. With a delightful premise and enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, Good Sam is a good read. Everything about this book is just sweet, especially firefighter Eric. Handsome and heroic, he will make you want to call 911. The mystery is not hard to figure out, but it's enjoyable to see how the characters get there. With great character development and a lot of heart, this uplifting story is hard to put down.

Kate is great with disasters. She has been covering breaking news long enough to deal with everything from murders to riots, and floods. What she doesn't do is fluff news. When given the assignment to interview a woman who found a bag with $100,000 on her porch, Kate doesn't think there is much of a story. Then she finds out that these bags filled with money are popping up all over town. As the story becomes the biggest in her career, Kate must figure out who this good Samaritan is as people start to come forward to claim that they are Good Sam. (MELROSE HILL PUBLISHING, Apr., dl, $3.99)

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Eve Polak