An unlikely pair comes together in Dalton's republished series starter. Will is an archdemon, and exists to protect the earth, while Kalyani is a virginal preacher's daughter. The romantic tension between innocent Kalyani and grieving widower Will is palpable, and the demons' motivations and interactions are believable, but Kalyani's father and his religious admonitions about his daughter's career tend toward overkill, distracting from the romance. The sexual solution to one of the couple's obstacles may put off some readers, but Will's tragic hero character is one anyone will want to have a happy ending.

Kalyani Martin gets the job of a lifetime, as producer of a cable documentary show about ghost hunting. Little does she know that her wait-until-marriage plans are about to be disrupted when she becomes involved with one of the show's cohosts, Will Hellenboek. Will, a widower, doesn't want women on his set, but Kalyani is determined to work around him. Circumstances soon tie her fate to his when it is revealed that Kalyani may be Will's soul mate. And the revelations keep on coming when she learns that Will is actually an archdemon charged with protecting Earth. (Siren Publishing, Aug., dl, $7.99)

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