Business consultant Marcus Danvers agrees to help an out-of-state client by rooting out a corporate spy at his company. He does not expect to find the woman who broke his heart working there, nor does he expect her to be innocent when their gazes collide. After all, the woman betrayed him and the company they both worked for.

Veronica Richards has secrets, but being face to face with Marcus isn't helping her resolve to keep them. Once the reason behind her quick departure from his life and the purpose behind his appearance at her new workplace come out, will these ex-lovers be able to trust one another?

Monroe's characters are warm and sympathetic, and the writing style is smooth, clear and enjoyable. But the hero and heroine rehash different versions of the same conversation throughout the book. So strongly is the plot focused on this that the story feels a bit two dimensional, despite the promising premise. (Dec., 356 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel