Image of Goodnight Tweetheart


Image of Goodnight Tweetheart

Though any reader can enjoy this story, those familiar with Twitter and addicted to television will find it especially entertaining. The romance is sweet and heartwarming, but the happily-ever-after is not a thing to take for granted.

Being stuck in a bunny costume entertaining toddlers is not how Abigail Donovan imagined her latest book signing. And being the author of a book endorsed by Oprah unfortunately doesn’t guarantee the ability to write another one. Suffering from writer’s block, Abby is signed up on Twitter by her publicist and tweeting with Mark Baynard, a professor on sabbatical. As they write back and forth and he sends pictures of his travels to France, Italy and Ireland, Abby starts writing again. That is, until she has a painful reality check and fears that their relationship may be more fantasy than reality. (GALLERY, Jan., 224 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley