Francesca's recently divorced mother has taken her to Hungary to work at a traveling fair. Her mother is a witch and Francesca was born with the gift of reading minds— although she considers it more of a curse. Her mother tries to force her to use her powers to help people, but Francesca's too distracted by Benedikt, a 300-plus-year-old vampire. The good news is that Ben isn't out to kill Francesca; in fact, she's the only one who can save his soul.

Maxwell nicely mixes the surreal world of vampires and witches with the life of a modern teen. Fran is a loveable character who just happens to have an extraordinary talent and a massive crush on an undead hottie. We want to root for her to get the guy but feel conflicted since she deserves better than him. (Jan., 208 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris