Since graduating from Notre Dame, Roxann Beadleman has spent her time helping abused women escape vicious spouses. This line of work does have its drawbacks, however. Earlier that month, Roxann helped Melissa Cape flee her ex-husband, Frank. Now, for different reasons, Frank and detective Joe Capistrano want her to tell them where Melissa is currently located.

Refusing to cooperate, Roxann decides to leave town. Having received a wedding invitation from her estranged cousin Angora Ryder, Roxann impulsively decides to attend. She arrives just in time to see poor Angora get dumped at the altar. Both Angora and Roxann are Notre Dame grads, so they decide to attend a reunion in South Bend. For Roxann it is an opportunity to see Dr. Carl Seger, the man she fell in love with and lost years ago.

The trail to South Bend is turning out to be very crowded, as neither Frank Cape nor sexy Joe Capistrano are giving up their quest for information.

Author Stephanie Bond has hit the perfect combination of humor, intrigue, emotional baggage and romance. This book is a hoot. (Oct., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith