Image of Gotcha!


Image of Gotcha!

Filled with plenty of action, delightfully quirky characters, a mean villain and
a rocky road to romance, Craig's novel is an entertaining tale that holds the interest from the first sentence to the final word. The hero's family dynamics
and the brother's travails add to
a great story.

Macy Tucker vows not to get mixed up with a man again. The death of her beloved grandfather, the desertion of her father and the betrayal by her ex-husband have put her off men entirely.

But when Macy's younger brother Billy lands in prison for a dumb mistake and escapes because of threats against his sister and new girlfriend, Macy winds up involved with Jake Baldwin, the detective Billy's girlfriend calls for help. As the danger escalates, Jake becomes convinced that Billy just may be a good guy who needs his help -- as much as Macy needs his protection. (LOVE SPELL, Jun., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley