Milan begins her new series, The Brothers Sinister, with a novella that is sure to delight readers. The story introduces a hero and heroine who are decidedly middle class, but who this reviewer found more interesting than many titled characters. It’s a battle of wills with the sweetest of prizes: true love.

When improper advances from a duke lead to the end of Serena Barton’s employment as a governess, she decides that she will not go quietly into the night. Instead she stakes out the duke’s property and demands to see the man who destroyed her life. However, the duke’s man of business, the Wolf of Clermont, knows that his own future is on the line if Serena gets her meeting with the duke. Is there any way for these two willful people to come to a resolution that will satisfy them both? (Self-Publish, April 2012, dl. $0.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan